Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Fishing & Diving

Sorry the posts aren’t coming out everyday, but if you follow us on facebook you will see our daily catches. The fishing has been very good considering the winter kill off we had. We have caught trophy snook in excess of 25lbs., barracuda like its going out of style with the trophy cuda of 54" & 20" girth, tons of goliaths and plenty of action to keep your party’s arms tired.

The diving has been some of the best we had in years with average vis in 25ft. of water 20-30 foot. Out 20 miles the vis has been 50 plus foot. We are running scheduled trips now and have a fish & dive calendar on our site that list dates and details of upcoming events & trips. Please email us if you have any questions, stories or comments you would like to share. Thank you and keep fishing & diving. And by the way, NO OIL even close so don't spoil your plans if that is any factor.>

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